Memorize Word Flashcard System  


Memorize word Flashcard System is a Leitner Flashcard English learning tool. This java swing application is designed for learning words and help foreign language learners by lots of automatic and multimedia features.
This is a Free and Open-source software based on (QPL) license.

This program has been downloaded more than 15,000 times during the past 6 months.


  • Creating multimedia cards with sounds and pictures.

  • Learn cards randomly from a basket which can be created from expired, learned and unlearned cards.

  • Start a time based and/or card based learning sessions.

  • Automatically retrieving cards' meanings from Internet (Merriam-Webster Dictionary and The Compact Oxford English Dictionary).

  • Fully plug-in enabled.

  • Automatically retrieve any words pronunciations in a audio format from Internet.

  • You can decide to include pictures from Google image search results which are of course related to the word. (Can you imagine how much this visualization feature will help you learn the new language faster and easier?!)

  • It automatically retrieve English sentences from internet which have used the desired word and then shows them in your learning process as practical words usage examples.

  • You can categorize the cards.

  • You can set the expiration date of the cards based on their current learning position.

  • This program has been written in Java and therefore could be run in any operation system with JRE 1.5+

  • and much much more.


STABLE:  (Download) Release Date: 2006/06/27  (Download) Release Date: 2006/06/27

BETA:  (Download) Release Date: 2006/04/20  (Download) Release Date: 2006/04/20

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 Tutorial: How to use Memorize Word Flashcard System

 Please post your support requests in the project forums.

There are some screenshots of the project available here.

Change log:

  • The program now has the multi-lingual capacity (
  • There is now a tool to check internet for the possible updates (
  • There is now a HTML editor for words and examples entries (
  • Minor bug fixes (
  • Main panel is now plug-in enabled (
  • Software is rewritten and the total size of software is now around 1MB less(
  • Now you can test your words' dictation capabilities (
  • A reverse test method is now implemented (
  • Standard, Reverse, Dictation learning methods do not share decks instead they have their own decks and histories (
  • Cards' properties panel is redesigned to show the new properties (
  • Splitter position is now saved in user computer and restored every time the user starts the program (
  • Minor bug fixes (
  • Find frame is now implemented and now it is possible to search for a card based on a part of its word (
  • Now the program is plug-in enabled (
  • Support for "The Compact Oxford English Dictionary" is added (
  • A tool for compressing the old lessons has been added (
  • Lessons are now stored in compressed format (
  • Minor Bugs fixed (
  • Now you can select some cards in word list and add them to the learning basket (
  • Now you can set to which deck a failed card must be send (
  • Added Card Properties Panel (
  • Minor Bug Fixes (
  • After editing or adding examples the relevant parent window is brought to front. (
  • About window is now implemented. (
  • Meaning now is shown in the learn window from beginning. (
  • File dialog is now opened into the last working directory. (
  • Problem in editing a card is now fixed. (
  • Now user changes to windows size and position are saved and restored every time the user opens a new window. (
  • Added the ability of adding local pictures to the cards. (
  • Added a list of recent files in file menu. (
  • Minor bug fixes ( status bar. (
  • Added the ToolTip. (
  • Fix sort problem in table. (
  • Added the random button in learning session. (
  • Added 4 new columns to the words list. (
  • Minor bug fixes. ( Logo